Praising the Original

I’m waiting on a couple of photo shoots to be released and in the meantime find myself toying with various effects in Lightroom/photoshop.

It’s never been easier to see at a touch of a button the immediate effect of putting on a vignette, bringing out shadows or increasing contrast. I may be wrong but I do find that I dance across the buttons choosing the f sharp of Lightroom or the c flat of photoshop but end up sticking with the original version as shot. To me that is success. What do you think ?

First off here is the original ( ef-s18-55mm f/3.5-5.6ISII) shot at 49mm, f5.6 iso1600 ! 1/60 sec

Do you think anything is added as a result of changing the effects..

Classic black and white beloved of film makers.. Or..

This is the cinematic effect.. I always check how it would look but very rarely do I actually use it. I’m happy if the original stands the test, after all the challenge is to get the shot right first time..

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