A Perfect Voice anticipated

For once I find myself with a minor ailment and ordered to rest.  Now I have my head around the idea, I wander along to the local library in search of the book I can read from cover to cover in one day and do nothing else.

They say Madame Bovary is the perfect novel. It’s impact on writing style unquestioned.  And so I settle down to immerse myself, test match cricket playing gently in the background.  This notion of resting and doing nothing but read, whilst sounding idyllic.. I’m fidgety .. My photos from the Maidstone Fringe Festival have been released, I could do with circulating them. 

Here’s one.. Father and daughter singing in harmony at The Devil’s Interval workshop..  

Got to be a unique moment for them  ..

Ok they may be amateurs but they can sing. This group of “ordinary” people coming together in song and harmony.. Their voices glorious yet unheard outside of the Bower House Venue.. And so to the as yet unheard voice (by me)  of Flaubert..will it be a perfect voice?


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